In 2019, according to WHO, Burnout is a chronic work stress condition, an occupational phenomenon. It is currently still an illness under the ICD.

Burnout is an anxiety issue whereby individuals consciously or unconsciously find themselves expose to mental and physical fatigue and exhaustion.

The condition is regularly experienced in a workplace. In extreme examples, Asian cultures like Japan have reported cases of workaholic males found dead at their work desks from overworking.

In a 2019 study by Atomik research in UK, almost half of the participants are keen to change jobs. More than 60% believes that work-life balance is important. While in another survey in United States, more than a third of the workers want more time for their personal lives.

What else do we need to know about Burnout?


Burnout is characterized by three criteria: feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion; increasing mental aversion to one’s job, or feelings of negativity or cynicism related to one’s work.

Productivity may or may not be affected. A person may place work success and survival above all needs, such their own mental wellbeing, relational intimacy, social activities, and health.

Pressure! Pressure! Pressure!

Is being drawn to work pressure or a highly stressful environment a tendency you observe in your life?
Do these statements apply to you?

I feel exhausted despite sleeping the usual amount of hours
I am irritable and snappy
I notice I am avoiding people
I spend my after-work hours still preoccupied or worrying about work
My immune system is getting compromised and I tend to get the bugs often
I been using substances such as alcohol and drugs increasingly to cope or relax
I work hard but cannot seem to achieve much
I am sacrificing too much for work

What is stopping you from achieving a better work-life balance? Imagine the amount of time you can enjoy when you find this balance.

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