What People Say?

“​The relationship that I built with her was incredible, I had been in therapy for many years and I never had that level of understanding with someone who has walked with me professionally before. Nobody wants to be told what to do. We have mutual respect. And she has helped me to find the answers within me.“

(Wellness coach, UK)

“I struggle with severe mental health and self-medication. Wei Ling helped me immensely over the weeks of private therapy I received, including EMDR. She is an excellent therapist and professional, she goes the extra mile making sure all her clients leave with the best tools to continue their recovery journey.”

(Entrepreneur, UK)

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your professionalism and expertise. I had initially considered spending only a few interventions, but finally doubled on the sessions. I am very glad I did.

You exercise your patience, professionalism, and expertise at the highest level. I am very grateful that I was fortunate enough to have worked with you. The EMDR work we completed were immensely helpful. You are one of the best (if not the best), therapists I have ever worked with.“

(Attorney, USA)

“I had a total burnout with a serious anxiety and depression. Psychiatrists and other professional could not give me the healing I was looking for. I could not sleep and was losing weight rapidly. Wei Ling made me realize what I needed to do to take charge of my life again. I am very grateful and thankful that she helped me heal! And I know I can always count on her if I feel the need of another one-off session.“


(Builder and homemaker, Netherlands)

“She is an experienced and committed therapist and possessed an extensive knowledge of mental health. Her active listening, total awareness, and passion to understand people is evident in how she makes people feel. I was truly amazed how her spontaneous energy and powerful questions in a very sensitive capacity unlock one’s true potential.“

Dr Ivan Zy Lim

(Clinical Psychologist, Director at InnerQuestCentre, Singapore and Malaysia)

“​Wei Ling is a competent, dedicated, caring and empathic team member and therapist. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.“

David Smallwood

(Author of “Who says I am an Addict”, Psychotherapist and ex Clinical Director at The Priory UK and the Kusnacht Practice)

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