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I am a mental health clinician, and holistic self-practitioner of Tai Chi, Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga, and TRE, while also enjoy being a lifelong student of natural medicines.


Get to know the relationship between food and our mental health. What are the latest findings? How could we eat better to feel better?

Pro-Justice and Pro-Compassion

The Media is a Double-Edged Sword and a Pendulum that can swing both ways! Addiction and Violence are not synonymous. Growing Pains – Childhood Trauma is an Attachment Injury! Pro JD or Pro AH aside, it is time to see that the Me-Too Movement is non-bias, and non-sexist. It is also time for mental health pain and recovery to be non-stigmatizing and hopefully, anyone can access and receive treatment and care.

Forest Bathing, A Nature Prescription!

We know that Mother Nature is nurturing. But what is the minimum duration of the Nature dose? What causes the physical, biological and nervous system improvement?

Small Steps

Space clearing and decluttering can reduce your cortisols and improve your mood patterns. It is to get rid of the stuffs to focus on the things you truly enjoy. Try this out and notice if this helps you with the clarity regarding your directions of the new year.