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Many clients have often said to me:
“I wish I did therapy a lot sooner, it is a lot more economical than having to see the doctors and lawyers later on”

Do you feel deeply affected whenever you recall your past relationships, childhood, and losses?

Are patterns stopping you from growing or experiencing freedom and love?


Do you have chronic psychosomatic complaints which do not go away despite obtaining medical help? 



Post-Traumatic Stress



Psychosomatic illnesses





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Your Therapeutic Experiences

Resiliency – Wellness – Intimacy

Clinical Assessment

Assessment provides an important baseline; what are your needs, protective factors, motivation, and goals.

Intensive or Regular Therapy

Improvement and progress in complex clinical issues may sometimes be subtle and therefore needing long-term care and trust for a breakthrough to be apparent.

CBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Our thoughts and patterns of those thoughts is a source of problem.

EMDR Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing

EMDR is one of the safest therapies to treat the impact of those difficult experiences in our lives.

Inner Child Work – Post Induction Therapy

The goal of therapy and growth is to help each of us connect to that wounded inner child and respond to him or her in the way where safety and love can be felt.


Family Therapy

Whether couples therapy or family therapy, using the established bonds as a foundation to rebuild and support any form of healing within the family can be very powerful.

Intensive and regular therapy will be one- one for privacy reasons. Sessions will be conducted online unless you are in the same city as me.


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