Questions and answers

Do I need therapy?

Has any of these thoughts or questions come to your mind?

“I am concerned about a behaviour, feeling, or something I am doing.”
 “This behaviour or feeling has been getting worse in the past few weeks.”
“My attempts at stopping or reducing this behaviour or feeling have been successful.”
“I am finding it more difficult to cope with things than usual.”

If your answer to any of the above statements, consider therapy.

What is the difference between Coaching, Mentoring and Therapy?

Everyone can benefit from Coaching, Mentoring and Therapy. Each service entails different techniques, methods, and styles.
Coaching uses a lot of inquiry, questions to bring about clarity and directions. It is very useful for improving your personal awareness.
Mentoring entails imparting of personal experience with direct advice. Your own self confidence and esteem is useful in receiving advice and being able to act on it.
As a trained psychotherapist, I work with deep-seated emotional difficulties using techniques not accessible to most coaches and mentors.

Let us illustrate with an example of getting adequate sleep each day.

  • A coach may encourage and support you in having adequate sleep.
  • A mentor may share tips from the experience and how to have a good sleep.
  • A counsellor may listen to your anxieties about going to bed.
  • A therapist may explore further what is stopping you from getting enough rest.


Is Self Help enough?

Self-help books and videos often support your deep-seated feelings and beliefs of “I am not good enough”. Knowledge and facts often change according to time. Self Help books may give inappropriate and harmful advice, and even false hope base on a completely different context and culture. Conversely, it may end up making one feel worse. Newer debates are highlighting that Self-help may increase your level of unhappiness. Self-help – DIY could also be delaying people seeking proper and appropriate professional support and therapy groups.

On the other hand, Self Help Groups like the 12 steps groups are amazing and can provide great social and peer support.  

I want to access services. What are the first steps?

The first step to accessing my services is filling out the contact form or sending me an email. I will contact you within 48 hours to schedule a short introduction meeting online.

How is confidentiality maintained?

Therapists are bound by a strict ethical code of conduct. Confidentiality is only breached if risk of danger is apparent. Notes are kept non-identifiable. The platform used is with an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). To protect your privacy, you have the right to discuss the ways that will make you feel safe.

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