Do you notice a pattern of the same hurtful experiences re-occurring through relationships, old and new?

Are you tired of experiencing the same pain repeatedly whenever you think of the past?

Do you experience recurring nightmares, have difficulty getting adequate rest such as staying up too late or staying asleep?

Are there negative events that happened, which you questioned and are unable to find your answers, or emotionally let go of?

Do you find yourself accumulating more and more physical pain, unintentionally through recurring accidents, or intentionally through recurring self-harm?

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

Research has demonstrated how certain adverse events such as neglect, abuse and/or losses in our childhood and adult life can remain distressing.

Prolonged disorganization, confusion of our thoughts, feelings and realities can become challenging to our well-being. When repetition of difficult experiences becomes an unexpected pattern, a mental disorder can develop and be lifelong.

EMDR addresses the entropy of the hippocampi and limbic system which has been shown to be impacted up to 15 – 20 percent in MRI, for those who have undergone prolonged adverse experiences.

EMDR is one of the safest therapies to treat the impact of those difficult experiences in our lives. Blocked emotions can be released, and faulty thinking and beliefs can be challenged and replaced with healthier coping beliefs.

Memories do not always need to be distressing.

Improvement made with EMDR is shown to sustain in follow up studies conducted 15 months later. It is endorsed by NIMH, WHO, APA and DVA.

The past can cease becoming a shadow in your life.

Break free from your old patterns today.

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