Family Therapy


The family that stays together, weathers the storms together.

Whether couples therapy or family therapy, using the established bonds as a foundation to rebuild and support any form of healing within the family can be very powerful.

I wish I can get more out of my family relationships

Firstly, to be willing to come forward and share a learning and growth experience with a family member is a sign of love, and commitment in this relationship.

Secondly, to recognize and communicate the struggles and thoughts each member has, can set a new tone on cooperation and reciprocity.

The family whether nuclear and/or extended, is the microcosm of your birth, belongingness, resources, support, identity, attachment styles, conflicts, and struggles.

Due to the amount of time we spend at home, unresolved conflicts, when buried or ignored, can lead to resentments, blame and unfulfillment.  

I wonder why the person I love before, has become a completely different person.

We have grown apart.

What can help your family life thrive today?

Blocks to healthy family relationship dynamics may include family secrets, disloyalty, betrayals, denials, neglect and abuse, power, and control.

Prolonged exposure to such issues can take its toll on the family’s mental health, and the weakest, most vulnerable member of the family may sometimes appear to be the dis-eased, the black sheep, or the in-sane. 

Stability, renewed trust, communication, love, and respect can be experienced in your family life, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to create the supportive environment and new experiences.

It is possible that every member of the family can be valued, loved, and made to feel worthy.

Unfortunately, sometimes a family or couple end up experiencing a difficult breakup.

Seeing a therapist to work on your grief and relational trauma while remaining conscious and respectful can reduce a lot of pain and regrets.

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