Inner Child Work


I dislike responsibilities.
The next step always seems so scary.
As a child, I can’t wait to grow up. However, when I became an adult, I wish I could relive my childhood.
I feel like a fraud. Could I be truly authentic?
Why am I drawn to the wrong type of love?
I can’t decide what I really want or need?

Psychoanalysis works

Freud, Jung, and Wolff’s psychoanalysis works gave a backdrop of what are adult male, female and child archetypes.

Eric Berne (1964) coined this term in his most famous work of Transactional Analysis regarding the parent-adult-child hidden roles and psychological agendas, that are, at most times not what we are conscious of.

When two people have a relationship, there are at least two ‘adults’ and two ‘children’ all interacting at the same time. Multiple encounters of desires, hidden needs, wants and expressions, can feel confusing.

Productivity may or may not be affected. A person may place work success and survival above all needs, such their own mental wellbeing, relational intimacy, social activities, and health.

The goal of therapy

The goal of therapy and growth is to help each of us connect to that wounded inner child and respond to him or her in the way where safety and love can be felt.

Various societies, cultures, communities, and families have different attitudes and child rearing styles. Certain circumstances surrounding your early years determine your beliefs and expectations on yourself and your inner child.

If a child was never acknowledged, given no place, or had been made to feel unwanted or used, as this person matures and grows up, he or she may struggle to find the connection within.

This explains why some of us take a long time to trust and feel, to find that silenced voice to express, or the energy to engage within ourselves.

A child may also be falsely empowered in a position beyond his or her real means to cope. Over time, this child may learn to abandon or delay his or her needs, to become what others expect or want from him or her.

Honoring yourselves and your feelings are necessary for the deep inner work.

Honesty and embracing your vulnerabilities, wounds, yearnings are keys towards your authenticity.

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