Psychosomatic illnesses

“All in the Mind”

Psychosomatic illnesses are conditions that may be classified under somatoform categories in DSM 5.

What has the mind got to do with it?

Firstly, existing medical conditions can be worsened because of one’s psychological mental and emotional states. Secondly, when our psychosocial well-being is not well looked after, frequent unexplained symptoms such as bodily weakness, abdominal discomfort, headaches, migraines, impotence, frigidity, stomach aches, GI disturbances can all be potential issues.

Overtime, a person may encounter a weak immune system or find themselves being unable to fulfil most social or occupational responsibilities.

Treating medically unexplained symptoms with psychological support can uncover hidden stresses and remove emotional blocks to relieve the physical symptoms. There are also many holistic and naturopathic approaches that can alleviate the degree of discomfort and chronic pain.

Obtaining regular medical investigations in the right medical facility is important to ascertain where you are at in terms of your health status. Yet, integrating the balance between psychological therapies, medical care, and rehabilitation, could be keys towards resolving frequent physical discomforts.

Your body and mind are there to support you.

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